#TomeCon18 skype

This is me before the skyperview. I was trying to figure out where the camera was so I didn’t end up talking to my own little picture in the corner for half an hour.

Here are a few questions the students at #TomeCon18 asked me.  Since I pretty much talked everyone’s ear off already, I’m limiting myself to one word answers (you know, more or less).

A big thank you to the inspiring and thought-provoking students who showed up to spend time with me!

(psst : I am using Georgia font in their honor)

What is your least favorite character in This is Not a Werewolf StoryVincent.

What is your favorite under-appreciated novel? Hmm. Still chewing on that one. I will come back with an update. Such a great question.

What is your favorite character in This is Not a Werewolf Story? Sparrow. He is based on someone I love.

When you write emotional scenes, do you use your own experiences? Yes. 

How do you stop yourself from procrastinating when you have a book idea? I tell my friend Sheri that I’m going to write at 6am and 7pm and she checks in on me the next day to make sure I did it.

What is your quirkiest method of getting yourself to write when you don’t feel like it? Sour Patch Kids. The bag cannot leave my desk so if I want one I have to go upstairs to get one and then I usually end up writing so I can  have more than one. 

Was Tuffman based on a real person? No. Not really. A little. Kind of. Maybe. This turned out to be a long answer.

Why is White Wolf a white wolf? I rephrased that question to avoid a spoiler. I can’t really answer it here for the same reason. But it was a good question and it made me think. Why? Why did I do that?

Leave a comment! I would LOVE to hear your answers to these questions too!