Save Lolita. A Lesson in Activism for TINAWS Readers

A letter writing campaign for readers and students.

Do you remember the story that Ms. Tern tells Raul about the Penn Cove Massacre? I’m sorry to say that that really did happen.  Did you know that one of those captured baby orcas is still alive in captivity today? Her name is Tokitae, although she is known all over the world as Lolita. There are many groups working to help improve Lolita’s living conditions and allow her to retire from performing at the Seaquarium in Miami.

There are numerous sites on the internet where you can learn about Lolita.  Here are a few places to start.

This wikipedia entry gives a brief account of her life 

A recent interview about her living conditions by KUOW (5 minutes)

Her Facebook page provides the most current information

This website has photos of how Cetaceans (whales and dolphins) are caputured

Join Peggy Oki in her quest. Ms. Oki is trying to get as many letters in support of Lolita as days Lolita has been imprisoned. As I write this post, she has met 15% of her goal. 



photo credit : By Robert Pittman – NOAA (]), Public Domain,