Dogs of all ages will devour This is Not a Werewolf Story

Clearly Sandra Evans knows what dogs like. Running for no reason. Strong odors in embarrassing places.  Things that could be plastic or could be meat. The whoosh of a fridge door opening. Big men on their knees asking stupid questions in ridiculous voices. Eating forbidden foodstuffs–like chocolate and grapes and poop. There’s all of that and much much more in This is Not a Werewolf Story.  Small bone to pick–not all dogs like sticks.  5 stars from Bingo the Death Row Dog.

I was pulling Legos out from under the couch when I came across a wadded up, half chewed sheet of paper. Bingo has been working on blocking his colon with pulp for a few years now, so I assumed this was yet another attempt to win a 36 hour stay at the emergency vet.  Imagine my surprise when I unfolded it and discovered he had spent a considerable amount of his precious leisure time composing a 5 star Amazon review for This is Not a Werewolf Story.  I hope if you have time you’ll consider writing one too! You don’t have to have bought the book from Amazon to leave one there.  Click the link above and scroll down to Customer Reviews. You’ll see a button that says Write a Customer Review. Apparently, once I hit 50 reviews Bingo will stop barking at babies and waves.